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Infant Massage Educator

Enhance your ability to describe an infant's normal body language
Discover a helpful way to explain a baby's stress response (or SOS)
Promote parent-child bonding and attachment
The HUG is an evidenced based, innovative, and family friendly approach to helping parents understand a baby's body language.
Help parents identify the "Ready Zone"
- that quiet alert state which is the best time to begin massage.
Use The HUG to reinforce your belief in the power of  understanding and responding appropriately to a baby's body cues.
Boost parent's confidence when the parents you serve learn their baby's remarkable ability to communicate.
Watch a mother relax and unwind as she learns infant massage and experiences the miracle of parent-child attachment.

 What research was used to develop The HUG?

The HUG was based on the medical and child development literature of Drs. T. B. Brazelton, M. & P. Klaus, M. Lamb, M. & H. Papousek, B. Howard, R. Sturner and others. This research and Ms. Tedder’s materials have been presented at national and international conferences and published in JOGNN, MCN, and Journal of Perinatal Education. Formal clinical evaluation of The HUG is now in progress.
Should I become a Certified HUG Teacher?
Though many professionals will feel that introduction to The HUG material via the online course is sufficient, others will seek a deeper understanding of the background, techniques and applications of The HUG.
What professionals say about The HUG?
"Using user-friendly analogies, HUG Your Baby takes us to where the baby is coming from, and enables us to better understand and hence communicate our love and support to our infants. Who could ask for more?"
...Dr. Miriam Labbok, The Carolina Breastfeeding Institute, UNC School of Public Health, Chapel Hill, NC