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Nursing Schools

HUG Your Baby: Digital (or web-based) Program to Help Nursing Students
Understand and Teach Parents about Infant Behavior 
Maternal-Child professionals know that understanding infant behavior will:
  • enhance breastfeeding
  • promote the parent-child relationship
  • boost parent confidence
Because nurses in L&D, post-partum, pediatric and community nursing need skills to teach parents effectively, nursing schools often seek additional resources to prepare students for this important responsibility.
This digital (or web-based) program is designed to augment classroom teaching and clinical experiences. It uses video and engaging case studies to demonstrate:
HUG Your Baby Faculty: Jan Tedder, BSN, FNP, IBCLC, University of North Carolina Department of Family Medicine (Chapel Hill, NC, USA), and HUG Your Baby President.
Parent Educational Resources:
  • 20-minute DVD
  • Handout for Parents
  • E-Newsletter for Parents
Research on HUG Your Baby:
HUG Your Baby has reached professionals and parents around the world. Excellent research has been completed and is currently underway to confirm that The HUG is a family-friendly, evidence-based and effective way to teach parents about infant behavior.
  • "Supporting Fathers in a NICU: Effects of the HUG Your Baby program on father's understanding of preterm infant behavior" is in peer-review at Journal of Perinatal Education. This study confirms that when fathers with preterm infants are taught the HUG Your Baby material their knowledge of infant behavior increases.
  • "Effects of The HUG educational program on stress of fathers of preterm infants" submitted for publication to Neonatal, Paediatric, and Child Health Nursing concludes that fathers exposed to The HUG experience a decrease in parental stress.
  • "Teaching for Birth and Beyond: Incorporating Online Learning about Newborn Behavior into the Training of Childbirth, Lactation, and Doula Professionals" is published in the International Journal of Childbirth Education (Summer, 2012).  100% of participants confirms (among other things) that: "This program gave me helpful tools and strategies for teaching parents about newborn behavior," "This online learning format was easy to follow," "I would recommend this course to colleagues."
  • Research in Progress

What Nursing Professors say about HUG Your Baby: 

"Because undergraduate nursing students are often overwhelmed by the wealth of information they encounter, we must carefully choose our training materials. HUG Your Baby, based on sound medical and child development literature, offers accessible, practical information that should be an essential component of every maternal-child curriculum."
--Barbara Bunker, RN, MS, Professor Emeritus, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, USA (barbarabunker@me.com)

"Our Pediatric Nurse Practitioner students were wowed! They found that this online course gave them family-friendly language to communicate to parents when a baby is overstimulated, when a baby transitions between deep and light sleep, when a baby is ready to breastfeed, and when a baby is available to interact with her parents." 

--Julee Waldrop, PNP, PhD, University of Central Florida, USA (Julee.Waldrop@ucf.edu)