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Childbirth Educators

HUG Your Baby: Teaching about Birth AND Beyond! 
Integrating Important Parenting Information into Your Childbirth Classes
Childbirth Educators know that parents want information to have a healthy and confident birth. But what about the days, months and years after a successful birth?
Birth professionals recognize that understanding infant behavior will:
  • enhance breastfeeding
  • promote the parent-child relationship
  • boost parent confidence
This Web-Based program prepares you to teach parents about infant behavior.  It demonstrates:
Resources for your clients:
HUG Your Baby Teaching Faculty: Jan Tedder, BSN, FNP, IBCLC
Research on HUG Your Baby:
Excellent research has been completed and is currently underway to confirm that The HUG is a family-friendly, evidence-based and effective way to teach parents about infant behavior. Click here for details.
What Childbirth Educators say about HUG Your Baby:

"Jan Tedder's warm personality and approach puts new couples at ease about their role as parents, and helps them (and educators alike) learn the needs of newborns. Her HUG educational DVD will help smooth the transition into parenthood, as well as provide skills for the experienced parent."

...Michelle Schnaars, Doula, CCCE, CHBE, CAPPA Publications Director

What HUG training is available? Click HERE for details.