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Health Department

    Boost parent confidence
    Give skills to decrease child abuse and neglect
    Support breastfeeding
High risk families need your help to be the parents they want to be. Evidence confirms that increasing a parent's understanding of her baby's body language enhances parent-child attachment. Recent literature confirms that misunderstanding normal baby behavior and normal growth and development contributes to child abuse and neglect.
The HUG  uses easy to understand language to teach a parent:
...to read and respond appropriately to a baby's stress response (or "SOSs" - Signs of Over-Stimulation)
...and to see where the baby is on the sleep-wake cycle (or "What Zone your baby is in?") in order to enhance feeding, deal with crying, and promote better sleep. (See more at HUG history and goals...)
How to Incorporate The HUG into your health department?
  • Provide continuing education training for your nurses, childbirth educators, lactation specialists, and doulas.
  • Online and "live" trainings available
1. The HUG Introduction is a two-hour introductory class. It describes primary concepts of The HUG and presents real-life scenarios using The HUG with families. This class may be taken via the HUG Your Baby online training (available at www.hugyourbaby.com for $25) or as a two-hour on-site presentation. This class prepares participants to introduce The HUG concepts to families. [Continuing education credit is provided.]
2.The HUG Skill Building Training is an optional half-day class. Available to those who have completed Part I, this class includes case studies, video analysis, role playing, demonstration opportunities, and individual and group problem solving experiences. In addition The HUG Strategies* are discussed. This class prepares participants to use The HUG more confidently and effectively with young families. (This training is now provided on-site and can be given along with Part I as a one day program. Part II will soon be available online as well.) [Continuing education credit is provided.]
•Include The HUG Parent Educational DVD on your newborn channel and in your hospital store. (English and Spanish versions are available).
•Use The HUG Parent Education DVD in class for expectant and new parents.
•Put The HUG DVD in the gift bags new parents receive
•Refer patients to The HUG parent education Website, Blog, and Newsletters
•Offer HUG Teacher Certification for nurses, childbirth educators, or WIC specialist who will be teaching The HUG classes.
* HUG strategies: Start Here, not There; See, then Share; Gaze, then Engage

What parents and professionals say about The HUG?
"The HUG Your Baby program is the most useful training that we've had. I believe that teaching Family Support Workers to help parents correctly read their infants' distress and engagement cues, will get families on the right road to a healthy parent-child relationship, which is what our program is all about!"

...Jan Williams, LCSW, Program Director, Healthy Families Durham (NC)